The silicone band has started separating from the headband. Is there a solution?

Unfortunately, there is no reliable solution to re-attach the silicone band to the headband. Halo Headbands are covered by 1-year manufacturer warranty. If your headband is less than 1-year old, please email us a few photos along with the order # to If you bought the headband elsewhere, please email us the receipt.

We understand how disapointing it is when your favourite Halo headband stops blocking the sweat like before. Even if your headband is more than 1-year old, and regardless of where you bought it from, we will be happy to give you a discount for your next order. Please send us a quick email to or text us at (514)612-8575 and we will send the discount code your way!

Last updated on 25th October 2020

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